7 Slot Machine Cheat Device to Make You Easy to Win

slot machine cheat device

To avoid a big loss while you play a slot game, it is a good idea to try some of the slot machine cheat device. In this article, we will reveal some of the most notorious slot cheat devices and how they work. We will also give you some tips on how to cheat slot machines online, if you dare to try.

Slot Machine Cheat Device to Use

There are many ways to cheat slot machines, but not all of them are easy or safe. Some of the devices and techniques require a lot of skill, luck, or risk. Here are seven of the most common slot machine cheat devices that have been used by cheaters over the years.

1. Computer Chip

One of the most famous slot machine cheats was Dennis Nikrasch, who hacked the source code of the slots by replacing their computer chips with his own modified ones. He bought a used slot machine and studied its chip, then created a duplicate that could generate any result he wanted. He and his team used this slot machine cheat device to rig slots in various casinos and win millions of dollars.

2. Light Wand

Another notorious slot machine hacker was Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who invented several devices to trick the coin sensors of the slots. One of them was the light wand, which was a small flashlight that he inserted into the coin slot and flashed the sensor with a series of lights. This would make the slot think that a coin had been inserted and trigger a payout.

3. PRNG Cracker App

A more sophisticated way to cheat slot machines is to crack their pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) algorithm, which determines the outcome of each spin. This slot machine cheat device can be done by using a special app that can analyze the patterns and sequences of the numbers generated by the slot machine. 

By knowing when the slot is about to produce a winning combination, cheaters can time their bets accordingly and win big.

4. Piano Wire

A classic slot machine cheat device is to use a piano wire or a similar thin metal wire to manipulate the reels. Cheaters would insert the wire into the slot machine and hook it onto the lever that controlled the stoppers of the reels. By pulling the wire, they could stop the reels at any position they wanted and create a winning combination.

5. Magnet

Another simple way to cheat mechanical slot machines is to use a magnet to affect the movement of the reels. Cheaters would place a strong magnet near the slot machine and move it around to influence the spin of the reels. By doing so, they could alter the outcome of the game and make it more favorable for them.

6. Counterfeit Coin

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use counterfeit coins or tokens to play slot machines for free. Cheaters would make fake coins that looked and felt like real ones, but had a lower value or no value at all. They would then use these coins to get credits or spins on the slot machines without paying anything.

7. Bill Validator Device

A more modern version of the counterfeit coin trick is to use a bill validator device, which is a small gadget that is wrapped around a bill and used to fool the slot machine into thinking that it is a different bill than it actually is. 

For example, cheaters could use a $1 bill with a device attached to it and make the slot machine think that it is a $100 bill. This way, they could get more credits or spins for a very cheap price.

Tips: How to Cheat Slot Machines Online

While using slot machine cheat device in real life may seem tempting, it is also very risky and illegal. You could get caught by security cameras, casino staff, or other players, and face serious consequences such as fines, jail time, or even violence. 

Moreover, most modern slot machines are equipped with advanced security features that make them very hard to hack or tamper with.

However, there are still some ways that you can try to cheat online slots, if you are willing to take some risks and break some rules. Here are some tips on how to cheat slot machines online:

Look for online casinos that have low security standards or poor reputations

These casinos may have weak or outdated RNGs, or may be prone to glitches or errors that could affect the gameplay. You could exploit these flaws and win more money than you should.

Use bots or software programs

Use bots or software programs that can automate your gameplay and make optimal decisions for you. These tools on how to trick a slot machine to win can help you play faster, smarter, and longer, and maximize your winnings. However, be aware that these tools are illegal and unethical, and could get you banned from the casino or worse.

Use VPNs or proxy servers to hide your identity and location

These services can help you access online casinos that are restricted in your country or region, or avoid detection by the casino or authorities. However, be mindful that these services are also illegal and unethical, and could expose you to malware or hackers.


Slot machine cheat devices are devices and methods that cheaters use to manipulate slot machines and win more money than they should. However, we do not recommend cheating slot machines in any way. It is better to play slot machines honestly and responsibly, and enjoy the thrill of gambling without breaking the law or hurting anyone. After this, you can find out the answer to the question “is it better to play one slot machine or move around”.