6 House Hacks to Create Space in a Small House

6 House Hacks to Create Space in a Small House

It is true that not all dwellings have spacious floor plans, but one thing every homeowner want is to get more space for their homes.

If you have a small house, it is pretty hard to do, but some things can be done on how you can create spaces with a limited floor plan. Check out these house hacks that can make your small home look bigger than the actual size.


  1. You can install a bookshelf that is made from floor to ceiling. It will create an illusion that the area has more space than it has.
  2. If you have a room in the house that has no windows, what you can do is install semi-opaque materials that will act as a window whereas it will allow the light to pass through.
  3. Add another living room but this time set it up outside your home like in the porch. There will be more sitting spaces, and the best part of it is it will not just add space in your home but an added design as well.
  4. Do not suffocate your home with many walls that will make it look crowded. The fewer walls installed in your home will create an appeal that it is so much bigger.
  5. Another great addition you can do is a loft. You can set it up on top of the kitchen or any part of the home. It will create more space that the family can maximize.
  6. If your home has a stair, you surely have space under it. Make use of it as a storage or even for a rolling wine rack. It is even better if you can put a door to it to make it stylish.

Go ahead and examine your homes and start thinking about adding these home hacks that are easy to do and most importantly, it doesn’t cost as much.


By Lee Mccormick

Archive makespace.org.uk